JACK: Blackjack Buddy
Client: Brandwagon Brand: JACK: Blackjack Buddy
Category: iPhone Apps Released: 2011

Meet JACK, your Blackjack buddy. Whatever your cards are, JACK knows how to play them.

Most Blackjack games have a house edge of 0.5% - 1% if the player is following basic strategy. JACK puts basic strategy in the palm of your hand. Use JACK and you will have better odds of winning.

How to Use:

Picker Mode:
Hold your iPhone rightside up to view JACK in Picker Mode. Select your hand type (hard hand, soft hand or pair), then select your hand and the dealer's up card. JACK will tell you if you should: Hit, Stay, Split, Double Down or Surrender (if allowed).

Chart Mode:
Hold your iPhone sideways in Picker Mode to view JACK in Chart Mode. Select your hand type, then line your hand up with the dealer's up card on the grid.

Additional Features:

- Adjust the strategy for Blackjack games where the dealer hits on soft 17.
- Adjust the strategy for Blackjack games where surrendering is allowed.
- Adjust the strategy for hands where doubling down is not allowed.
- Glossary of Blackjack terms.
- Shake to reset in Picker Mode (or tap the logo).